Our methodology

MentorExport supports owners and senior managers with renewable mid- to long-term contracts. After objectives and strategies are determined, an action plan to implement and follow is established accordingly and then adjusted as needed. By outsourcing international business development, you’ll benefit from the support of an experienced business developer to quickly reach new markets. It’s a customized and efficient solution that eliminates the need to create a full-time position and is thus less expensive and more profitable for your company.

1. Audit


  • Analysis of knowledge and skills, the proposed offer, company organization, and sales channels
  • Analysis of marketing and communication tools and overall visibility
  • Meet with the team

2. Business Plan Presentation

  • Overall business strategy review with management team
  • Sales strategy action plan proposal
  • Task delegation and prioritization

3. Implementation and Follow-up

  •  Sales strategy set-up
  • Follow-up with project leaders
  • Coaching and fine-tuning