MentorExport is specialized in business development and works with foreign companies wanting to expand in France. It is in this context but also thanks to a solid background in the sheet metal machinery business that MentorExport operates as a commercial agent for France and represent ACF, manufacturer of cornerformer machines for manipulating of sheet metal to create high-quality corners in a range of sizes and styles of finished products in various industrial sectors.

Flexible Cornerformer


The ACF Flexible CORNERFORMER machine is a truly and unique revolutionary means of manipulating sheet metal to create high-quality corners. No more grinding or finishing is required! Corners are consistent and thus parts more accurate and stronger. The investment is profitable and efficient. Indeed, forming finished corners in 15 second per corner definitely reduces the manufacturing costs.


• Highly reduced manufacturing time and costs
• No door size limitation
• Any material formable and any corner sizes
• Best quality is guaranteed
• Quick and easy to use
• Safe and clean working space